Tuesday, May 15, 2007

More Inconvenient Truths – Temperatures Fall After Carbon Dioxide Peaks

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Temperature leads CO2 changes by 800 years

Some strange things happen when you examine the theory that mankind causes global warming by increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The first thing you find is almost universal agreement that temperature increases have preceded increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide, usually by at least 800 years or more. This pattern has held for hundreds of thousands of years, and been accepted by scientists on both sides of the global warming issue.

Of course, this inconvenient truth is the opposite of what Al Gore has presented so dramatically.

“Carbon dioxide goes up, and up, and up, and then temperature goes up, and up, and up!”

Except it doesn’t.

The temperature goes up, and then the carbon dioxide goes up. Not the other way around.

Then while carbon dioxide is up, the temperature goes down.

According to the greenhouse gas theorists, the increased carbon dioxide should have a climate “forcing” effect, and temperature increases would continue and, in fact, accelerate.

However, the evidence is clear that the onset of cooling occurs while CO2 is still at its peak.

The logical conclusion is simple. Climate changes are not driven by changes in CO2. Other factors overpower the negligible but proven greenhouse effect of CO2. If climate change could be modeled in a sealed laboratory, with all variables controlled, CO2 changes might correlate directly with subsequent minor temperature changes.

But in the laboratory of the real world, they don’t.

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