Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Suspend Michael Vick

I just read the eighteen page indictment of Michael Vick, former Atlantic Falcon, former NFL quarterback, one-time member of the human race before he learned to love savagery and cruelty.

Michael Vick has not been found guilty of anything – yet.

But he will be.

The indictment included information from at least four cooperating witnesses (CWs), who place Michael Vick at dog fights, betting on dog fights, engaging in these activities on his farm, and traveling with dogs to other states to dog fight and bet.

Testimony should show Michael Vick engaged in, or oversaw, the killing of dogs who did not meet his standards for vicious fighting instincts. Dogs that failed his cruel demands were either shot, electrocuted, drowned, or hung.

As a dog lover, but even more a human being, I am repelled and disgusted by the things Michael Vick was alleged to have done. To say his actions were subhuman would be an insult to lower life forms, where fighting and painful death are part of their struggle for existence, not a blood-lust entertainment.

I have already seen some comments by football “fans,” of which I am one, lamenting the unfairness of the indictment and recommending that if it is true, that he be suspended for a year.

I agree with part of their recommendation. Michael Vick should be suspended for a year, and I would like to pick his body part to which the suspending rope is attached.

Then he should be dressed in pork chop underwear and put in a cage with his 55 starving pit bulls.

Then throw whatever is left in prison, and throw away the key.

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