Thursday, March 27, 2008

If Al Gore is the Answer, What was the Question?

I know the answer! I know the answer! Teacher! My hand is up!

I know the answer!

The question was: Are you a member of an organized political party?

The answer is: No, I’m a Democrat.

With apologies to Will Rogers, the last humorous and charming Democrat.

Only Democrats could be at the stage in this long primary election campaign, where two candidates have already slugged it out through most of the states large and small, and yet be ready to throw both aside and call for…

Al Gore?

Yes, Al Gore.

You can’t make this stuff up. Look. It’s right here, in Time Magazine. See? They actually paid a guy named Joe Klein to write this stuff.

I’m not lying. You can read it yourself.

If Time is that spooked at Hillary or Obama being the candidate, the Democrats are really worried. The polls are piling up showing Hillary supporters won’t vote for Obama, and Obama supporters will bail out on Hillary.

And it will only get worse. If you’re a Democrat.

If you’re a Republican, the next five months until the Democrat Convention are like a dream come true.

With Al Gore added to the picture, it’s a Republican masterpiece.

The only way it can get better is if the Democrats bring on interns or escorts.

Oh sorry.

My bad.

They already have.


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