Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Land of the Free - Not You, Frenchie!

I often think of how wonderful life is in America. This immediately makes me an object of scorn and ridicule by Liberals.

“How can you say life is wonderful, when there is (insert a Liberal lament about something that doesn’t meet that particular Liberal’s idea of perfection).”

Please believe me, I don’t think life is perfect. For one thing, at some point each of us dies. That’s the ultimate bummer.

Liberals lament that the government isn’t taking care of everyone. I think that’s wonderful. It is my unshakable opinion that no government can take as good care of a person as that person can of himself.

If Brigitte still looked like this, she wouldn't be on trial for what she said, but maybe for what she did. Vive La France!

Today I found another reason to be thankful that I’m living my life at this time as an American. I read that Brigitte Bardot is being tried by the French government for controversial remarks she made about Islam, apparently concerned with its religious practice of slaughtering a sheep or another animal to commemorate the prophet Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his son on God's orders.

As a practicing carnivore, I don’t have any problem with Muslims sacrificing sheep, goats, or chickens. I don’t care for their practice of cutting themselves and bleeding profusely, and I’m thoroughly disgusted by Muslim suicide bombers, who predominantly kill other Muslims, thinking that puts them on a fast track to Heaven and 72 virgins.

In fact, among many lamentable Muslim practices, I consider that by far the most barbarous.

If I were a Frenchman, by now what I’ve written in this blog post would probably be enough to get me to a trial and earn me heavy fines. Of course, I’ve already written many posts much more critical and derogatory of Islam than this mild criticism. Again, if I were a Frenchman, I probably now would be blogging from a jail cell, if blogging were permitted in a French prison.

Certainly my criticism of the French government and their defense of France 2 television filming the hoax of Mohammad al-Dura being “shot” by Israelis would qualify me for trial, as well as my post about France 2 being deceived by “Pallywood.”

In France there is no freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is like pregnancy. You can’t be pregnant by degrees – you either are, or you’re not, pregnant. Free speech is just the same – if criticizing ideas or beliefs is not allowed, then you can speak only in government sanctioned terms.

But I’m an American, one of the freest of the free. Even though I’ve posted fifty-one articles under the label “Islamofascism,” I have not a legal care in the world.

My only care is that one of the Islamic nut cases, which seem a natural state for a Muslim who believes that the silliness of the Quran was inspired by God, will try to find Gualala and its most Islam-critical resident. However, I don’t lose any sleep, because even locals have a hard time finding our house, so I doubt an illiterate Muslim fanatic whose only education was memorizing the Quran would be able to understand the maps and directions to get here.

If he does I’ll take a page from Abraham and roast his camel.

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