Saturday, August 23, 2008

Obama and Democrats Jump the Shark

Usually it takes a long time for something to reach its peak and turn mediocre, i.e., to “jump the shark.” In the case of Obama’s presidential campaign, it only took Russia invading Georgia to start the downhill slide. His subsequent selection of Joe Biden for running mate shows Obama understands that he needed a sudden injection of “gravitas.”

It’s not like Obama-Biden is a match made in political Heaven. Not so long ago, Biden noted that Obama didn’t have what it takes to be president, remarking that: “The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.”

Selecting Biden shows how desperate Obama is to patch over his yawning foreign policy knowledge and experience hole. Although Joe Biden is deeply flawed goods (plagiarist, liar about his class standing, degrees, and scholarship), he still is the best of the sorry bunch Democrats have to offer. Besides denigrating Obama’s experience, Biden also pronounced the surge a failure just as it was snatching defeat from the jaws of surrender-monkey Democrats.

Of course, Biden could and did go the way of many Democrat hopefuls, like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry, and announce that he was always against the war even when he voted for it. Also like most Democrats, after announcing he had always really opposed it, he has had to hope for bad war news.

Democrats make odd patriots, since good news for America is always bad news for them.

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