Thursday, August 06, 2009

Democrat Politicians Learn Fast

Democrat politicians learn some things fast, anyway.

They’re clueless about healthcare, global warming, or spending within their means. But a couple of raucous town hall meetings have sent them whining for the phones. The “Tele-Townhall” is now their townhall of choice because it gives them total control over their audiences.

There won’t be any more mocking in Arkansas, flaring tempers in South Florida, disruptions in Connecticut, pandemonium in Pennsylvania, or Pelosi accusing protestors of “carrying Swastikas.”

Barbara Boxer complains right-wing protestors are "too-well dressed." (See the video here)

Obama wants supporters to snitch on opponents of Obamacare by emailing "fishy" emails and "evil blog posts" to . I immediately got with the program and emailed each and all of my posts on healthcare last night. I invite you to click on my "healthcare" label at the bottom of this post and do the same.

Democrats decided to "demonstrate" back, except after they organized the event and directed how attendees should look - carry signs to demonstrate their support - they forgot that their featured Senator couldn't be there. But they think they can run healthcare?

When Democrat Rep. Doggett was "dogged" at a town hall in Texas, he said "don’t give up or give in to them," just before the Democrats gave up on in-person townhalls.

Last night I found a call recorded on our answering machine from Mike Thompson, Democrat, Representative for my northern California congressional district, to join in a “live” townhall via telephone. Mike caught on quick. That’s the last we’ll see of him.

Thompson is doing the same thing a Democrat does in Washington to control the "communication."

He doesn’t need us for much anyway. He gets more than enough campaign contributions from just two deep feeders at the public trough, the teachers and public employees unions.

Now all he will hear from us is what he wants to hear.

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