Friday, September 04, 2009

History Dunce Joe Biden

Joe Biden was a poor student. He graduated near the bottom of his class. As the years rolled by, he didn't improve. He has been found to be a plagiarist and a liar.

The passage of time hasn't improved him, particularly in his knowledge of history. That doesn't stop him from making wildly inaccurate statements. He's too dumb to realize that the age of the Internet has made fact checking very easy.

Biden's latest false remark was that Social Security, created in the 1930s, and Medicare, passed in the 1960s, lacked much initial Republican support.

I wish they did, but they didn't. As reported in The Hill:

But the Social Security Act, passed in 1935 as part of President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal, passed 372-33 in the House. Some 81 House Republicans crossed the aisle to back the bill. Just 15 Republicans opposed it. In the Senate, the legislation passed 77-6, with 16 Republicans supporting it and five Republicans voting against it.

The bill creating Medicare, a cornerstone of President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, passed in 1965 with similar GOP backing. In the House, the bill passed 307-116, with 70 Republicans supporting it. The bill passed 70-24 in the Senate, with 13 of the 32 Republicans voting for it.
This reminds me of Democrat mythology about Republicans opposing Civil Rights legislation. In truth, higher percentages of Republicans voted to pass Civil Rights legislation than the Democrats. History-challenged Democrats like Biden somehow overlook that the opposition to passing Civil Rights came from Southern Democrats - the "Dixiecrats" - such as Al Gore, Senior, and their long-serving and revered former Grand Kleagle of the Ku Klux Klan, Robert Byrd.

Biden and the Democrats get failing grades in history, but straight "A's" in lying about it.

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