Friday, March 18, 2011

Global Warming Causes Earthquakes? Really?

Several "scientists" have been quoted saying that the number and size of recent earthquakes is due to anthropogenic global warming. Click this link to go to one of them.

These studies and the articles about them are such consumate pieces of pseudoscience, it's impossible to pay them serious attention, but I'll force myself. Persons who pay any credence to them have no concept of plate tectonics, geological time frames, and the comparative masses of earth, air, and water (here is a link to a great site by a Czech physicist who explains it clearly and fully). Don't they know most of the Earth's ice melted away over 15,000 years ago as the last Ice Age ended?

Apparently coincidence is now causation. Since the last Ice Age ended 15,000 years ago, research such as of Greenland ice cores shows at least six periods of greater warming than present, with warming diminishing since the Holocene Optimum 8,000 years ago. As for the intervening periods, they have been getting cooler, with the Little Ice Age 1150 to 1850 AD the coldest so far.

Along comes a bit of warming, a natural rebound from Little Ice Age cooling, and it is matched with increasing atmospheric CO2. Suddenly coincidence becomes cause, and research is launched with the charter of showing a theory based on the non-existent greenhouse effect as being driven by change in the trace gas, CO2. Oddly enough, flawed research based on tree rings as proxy for temperature - ignoring water, nutrients, competition for sunlight, disease, and other components of tree growth - research that strains to look back 1,000 years, and portions of which today show cooling when they should reflect warming - high jacked UN IPCC climate science (and Al Gore) on a wild-climate change goose chase.

It appears now that the inherent weakness in the CO2 caused warming effect is becoming obvious, so every effect is now in search of an anthropogenic global warming cause. Science is turned on its head, and where there once was a head, other body parts prevail.


Peter F. Foley said...

As with other irrational belief systems, Carbon-Forced AGW is an Omnipotent, Omnipresent theocracy.

Persons that believe in Magical processes, believe they occur Globally.

Eco-Nuts are just a 21st Century believers in Witch Doctors(Warmingnistas)

Others, not completely nuts, refuse to admit there are processes they don't understand yet operate without divine(AGW) intervention...

As an aside, massive ice melts have and would cause some additional Earthquakes to those caused now by radioactive decay in the earth's core and tidal stresses by the moon. Even the broken sun dials of tree-huggers tell the correct time twice a year.

Major Combs said...

True, massive ice melts occured at the end of the last Ice Age, about 10,000 to 15,000 years ago. We haven't had many lately, since the only ice caps of note over land are in Antarctica and Greenland, and they've been quite stable. We'll have to wait until after the next great Ice Age to to get the full effect of this AGW prediction of catatrophe.

Peter F. Foley said...

After pontificating, I forgot to mention that if true Earthquakes would be occurring at a higher rate and violence then in the Past, They are not- yet another fact that refutes AGW just as the missing ever higher record recorded temps do.