Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Glbal Warming Should be Fact Checked

It’s difficult to choose ideas for my weekly ICO letter because there are so many possibilities. Anthropogenic global warming (AGW, which morphed into climate change, then severe weather, and now “whatever happens is a sign of human-caused catastrophic warming) is always available, particularly now that Earth has gone almost two decades without significant warming. It would seem difficult to blame things on warming in the absence of warming, but droughts, tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, floods, rising sea level, and other phenomena, all occurring within historic natural patterns, have all been erroneously deemed unusual and unprecedented.

Serendipitously, this week my topic was given me on Tax Day by an ICO reporter. Last week I mentioned that certain prominent Democrats paid experts to prepare their income taxes. As you might expect, tax experts are not employed to facilitate their clients overpaying their taxes. After emailing my letter to the ICO, a reporter  challenged my assertion that these prominent Democrats wanted to save on their taxes. I emailed back news stories showing they did, and the matter was settled except the reporter replied that I was challenged to protect the ICO against libel charges. I emailed back that I had signed the letter, not the ICO editor.

Today the reporter emailed me a link to a news story of an editor sued as the re-publisher of a defamatory letter, and added that facts asserted in ICO letters are checked the same as facts in ICO news stories. I replied with a personal fact that they are not – I’m very publicly an agnostic, not a fundamentalist as some writers have stated – and I chuckled thinking of all the AGW letters and articles that would be thrown out if the ICO did what they said.

But I’d hate to lose all that inspiration.s

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