Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chicken Little Lives!

Chicken Little is the alarmist spokesperson for climate change, so it’s no wonder that every aspect of natural climate change and weather is cast in Apocalyptic terms.

How about those hurricanes? Over the last five hurricane seasons, the US has had a total of three hurricane strikes – Irene, Issac and Sandy (Actually only two, since Sandy didn’t have hurricane force winds when it made its US landfall). This few hurricanes has happened only twice before – in 1984 and 1866. (

Rising sea levels? Recent San Francisco Chronicle articles featured a full “Chicken Little”, predicting sea level rise of over three feet by 2100. However, if an intrepid reporter strolled near the Golden Gate Bridge, they could read the longest tide record in the Western Hemisphere (or go to There they would find that from June 30, 1854 to the present, the annual mean sea level has risen from 6950mm to 7080mm, or five inches (3.22”/century), and that the rate of rise has slowed since 1990. At the average rate, it will take over 1,100 years to increase three feet.  

In similar fashion, global temperature hasn’t increased in 17 years, tornadoes are at a low both in frequency and strength, and forest fires have diminished.

Chicken Little had more proof of calamity than today’s climate alarmists.

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