Friday, October 28, 2005

San Francisco Chronicle Full of Gas, Not News

Your Mike Lukovich cartoon on the Sunday Chronicle editorial page was ludicrous. If he had an ounce of fairness or perception, he would have had the first panel of the pair with the "Help us" on the roof of the flooded house, followed by a picture of the hundreds of flooded buses in the parking lot. Don't you at the Chronicle ever give any of the crap you put on your editorial page the smell test. Didn't your mother teach you "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Move the people out with the buses before the flood hits, and you don't have people needing help on a flooded roof. Move the buses out before they are flooded, and you don't need to scream at President Bush to "Give me buses and gas. Buses and gas. Buses and gas." I think the Louisiana politicians are full of gas, and that the Chronicle is overlooking their failures to pursue the usual "It's Bush's fault."

Your Readers Representative column on Sean Penn had to be the lamest thing I have seen among a long list of lame Readers Rep columns. Are you putting out a newspaper or a lifestyle commentary? You gave more coverage to Burning Man and Cindy Sheehan each than to Able Danger, the Iraqi constitution, elections in Afghanistan, the Syrian pullout of Lebanon, and the disuse of the New Orleans hurricane disaster preparedness plan combined.

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