Friday, October 28, 2005

Tax The Rich!

Bill Meyers uncovered part of our little Republican secret when he said that we had an agenda to eliminate taxes on the rich. Then James Oglesby tried to throw everyone off the track when he disagreed with Bill. Unfortunately, I must disclose all the sordid details of one of the most diabolical plots ever devised by man.

Unfortunately, when we devised our plot to eliminate taxes on the rich, we forgot that government always screws everything up. Think of examples such as the National Health Services of Great Britain and Canada. Social Security and Medicare here. Any systems of tariffs by any governments anywhere.

Anyway, when government implemented our plan to eliminate taxes on the rich, as usual they fouled it up royally. Consequently, each year the rich pay a larger proportion of total taxes compared to their proportion of total income. According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities: “The tax cut enacted last year has reduced tax burdens further. This analysis' update of the Treasury data shows that in 2001, … a median family of four will pay a smaller share of its income in federal income taxes than in any year since 1957.”

Conversely, the top one percent will pay four times more than the total paid by the bottom 50 percent, who will pay less than four percent of the total. And the percentage paid by the top wage earners has been increasing steadily for years. Of course the government screwed it up! Hopefully the Democrats will pass a tax-the-rich bill, and finally give the rich true tax relief!

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