Thursday, December 22, 2005

It's Legal If It Is Not Against The Law

Concerning the National Security Agency intercepts of international communications without warrants, the able constitutional lawyers and scholars at the Power Line Blog conclude:

"There are, of course, liberal law professors who would like the law to be different from what it is. They are free to develop theories according to which the Supreme Court, should it someday address this issue directly, would rule as they wish. But the administration is entitled to rely on the law as it currently exists. And there is simply no question about the fact that under the Constitution and all controlling precedents, the NSA intercept program is legal."

Unlike the Democrats, we believe in following the law as it is, not as they would wish it to be. For an excellent (and exhaustive) analysis, and the last word on this issue, go to this link to the article in Power Line. Be prepared to stay awhile, but when you are finished, you will know that the Democrats are not going anywhere with this "scandal." It is amazing that Democrats get all excited about President Bush doing something that Presidents Clinton and Carter did with impunity, and that the Democratic congressional leaders knew about all along.

To find out more on the legality of the NSA program.

And go here for the U. S. Department of Justice response.

And the affable Tony Snow adds his wisdom and insight.

As does Bill Bennett. Have I left out any useful commentators? Nope.

Those who want facts instead of misinformed opinions will come away satiated, and the rest will still be Democrats.

If the best minds on the Democrat side would leave the Democrats and join this group, the average IQ of both groups would fall.

Truly Democrats are the Hypocrisy Party.

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