Saturday, December 17, 2005

What Price Security?

In the San Francisco Chronicle today, an article about Iraqi expatriates voting in California ended with a statement by Salam Hassan, a 30-year-old UC Berkeley student who arrived from Baghdad seven months ago. He said he was happy to vote and pleased Hussein was gone, but has grave concerns about his future in a homeland he called a worsening "war zone."

"When you finish, you have to give my life back. I don't need a theory about democracy," he said. "I want direct results that are in touch with my life. Give me food. Give me security. Give me work."

Salam, I hate to tell you this, but if someone is giving you your life back, and giving you food, security, and work, they own you. That was Saddam, Salam.

The “theory about democracy” you dismiss is the framework for getting your life back, also known as freedom. You need freedom if you want to choose your work, and thereby earn both your food and your security.

An example of freedom squandered for security follows.

We delivered food and gift boxes to families on a Native American reservation this morning. The reservation itself is in a beautiful setting - if Four Seasons saw it, they would eat their hearts out. Nestled in rolling hills, overlooking a river valley, the Pacific Ocean and a lighthouse are not far off. Tourists come from all over, and especially from the San Francisco Bay area less than 200 miles south.

Almost everyone on the reservation would qualify for Christmas charity packages. Most of the houses are unkempt, poorly maintained and surrounded by junk. The inhabitants have free housing, and support provided by government and by Indian gaming.

With a few notable exceptions, they are among the most miserable of Americans.They have the unbearable burden of being taken care of by a benevolent government. Better for them it should be malevolent, because then they would leave or revolt, or America would throw the tyrant out.
The Indians are all Democrats, and follow leaders who tell them that they are truly poor and unfortunate, but just think how much worse it would be if the Democrats weren't looking out for them.

Are you taking notes, Salam?

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