Monday, March 06, 2006

John Bolton Interview

Two of my favorites, United States UN Ambassador John Bolton, and Pamela of Atlas Shrugs, got together at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), and Pamela was able to get an exclusive interview.

It didn’t take long before the interview got to the subject of Iran. Pamela, AKA Atlas, has just asked if John’s experiences at the UN were discouraging, or if he thought progress could be made:

John Bolton: Oh it’s do-able, under the right circumstances. I'm not so naive that I would be doing it if I didn't think there was a chance which makes it in some senses more frustrating. You can see sometimes how close you can get and yet you can't finish a particular thing. Like Iran, I've been working on this for three and a half years.

Atlas: And you'll be working on it for three and half more.

John Bolton: I hope not, I hope not, because now that it's in the Security Council, now is the time to say this is their chance that either they give up their pursuit of nuclear weapons or we go to what the President said, we do something else.

Atlas: We do something else? That's a little vague, don't you think? Deliberately vague?

John Bolton: Yeah, sure absolutely. The President said I never take options off the table. And you've got to be that way. Look this has happened to me enough times before .... if I said, well -- I'll give you an example......after the invasion of Iraq, after Saddam was overthrown, I said something in a BBC interview, like I hope the governments of Syria and Iran take notice of what's just happened, and I got into enormous trouble for that, because it sounded like I was threatening the invasion of Iran and Syria.

Atlas: Yeah, but you get in enormous trouble for waking up in the morning.

John Bolton: Well, that's true too.

All the interview is here.

John Bolton is the best thing that has happened for the United States in the United Nations for decades, which is why liberals, Democrats, dictators, poltroons, etc., all who are comfortable with United Nations corruption and inefficiency, hate him.

Remember the colossal corruption of the Food for Oil program? How so many UN Human Rights Committee members represent human rights abusers like Cuba, Libya, China, and Russia, who prevent the committee from doing anything about human rights? How UN peace keepers can’t keep the peace anywhere? Just like in Rwanda, later in Bosnia, they stand around and watch the slaughter. Or sexually abuse the women and children who come to UN encampments seeking safety?

John Bolton wants to reform the United Nations, and that scares the Hell out of the UN and their business-as-usual supporters.

John Bolton, you da man!

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