Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Open Your Heart And Think

I received this email today from a Muslim visitor to my blog.

"our prophet is not as the media trys to show him......the prophet told us to respect all nations and live with others....prophet Mohammed shows us the meaning of tolerance along his life ...he told us that there is only one god which has no wife or son...try to think .. if their is more than one god the world will be corrupted..!for more contact with me ... but try open your heart and then think ..!"

As he requested, I opened my heart, and I thought. I thought of innocent men, women, and children, lying dead and dying worldwide, killed by Muslim suicide bombers, and my heart broke, and I wrote this reply:

Your belief in your one god has corrupted the world, and has hardened your heart to the suffering caused in his name.
You believe that young men should kill themselves and innocent men, women, and children because they don't agree with your beliefs.
A Muslim will even kill another Muslim who disagrees with his version of god's truth.
And then you believe that your god will reward these young men with 72 virgins in paradise.
I would think that such a primitive belief would offend a god of love and tolerance, a god who teaches you "to respect all nations and live with others."
Did you see the hand of this god as humans leaped screaming to their deaths from the burning New York Twin Towers?
Or in the blasted corpses in the nightclubs in Bali?
In the bombed underground trains and bus in London?
Or in the trains in Madrid?
Where do you see the hand of your one god?
I see his bloody hand all around, where innocent men, women, and children lie dead and dying.
It would be far better that there be no god, than your god who showers his anger on the innocent of the world.
If your god had a wife and son, maybe then he would care for the wives, and sons, and daughters of others.

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