Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge

As Al Gore and Newsweek whine about vast conspiracies to foment debate about global warming, throws down the gauntlet to actually generate more scientific debate (Hat Tip, Atlas Shrugs).

What a radical concept!

Encouraging the free and open discussion and debating of an issue!

In today's academic climate, that's blasphemous.

"Don't you know the world's scientists (the one's funded by trusted organizations' grants) agree that government has to control everything, because people can't be trusted to do what the elite decide is right?"

"Further, don't you know that research funded by any organization not controlled by the proper perspective (that man is causing global warming) is not to be believed?"

What are Al Gore and the groups funded by government and academic grants (redundant-term alert!) so afraid of?

That truth will out?

When I read Newsweek and Al Gore preaching about truth - Newsweek: "The Truth about Denial" - I hear the sound of Korans being flushed down toilets; of Al Gore weeping about his sister's death from smoking accompanied by an audio tape playing Gore's speech to tobacco growers about how he used to proudly work growing and harvesting tobacco.

In other words, I hear Newsweek and Al Gore calling on "Truth" as a shield against further scientific inquiry that might uncover truths that inconvenience Al Gore and Newsweek.

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