Friday, August 10, 2007

Media Biases, and Other Sins

Surprise and shock about the Pew Research Center finding that the American public sees the news media as biased, inaccurate, and uncaring are not two of the emotions I felt. Having just posted "More Newsweek Lies," and other posts concerning the abysmal standards of reporting on Plamegate (which should have been nicknamed "Uncovertgate"), and the reporting last year from Lebanon, I would have been surprised and shocked if the American public didn't share my low opinion of the news media.

Another recent example, The New Republic publishing fabricated tales of American atrocities supposedly written by a GI in Iraq.

Then there was the unreported death of affirmative action.

There's always the hypocrisy of the New York Times and their Liberal herd.

As the Left whines loudly and continually about Fox News, the public is aware that NBC, CBS (with its ongoing "60 Minutes" jounalistic atrocities), ABC, CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, the SF Chronicle, and most of the other major news organizations have their own liberal versions of "truth."

No wonder the public thinks as badly of the news media as they do of the Democrat-controlled Congress, also now at an all-time low in popularity.

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