Saturday, August 12, 2006

Green Helmet - Producer, Director, and Star

Green Helmet acting as cynical movie director in Qana

This nails down the issue of whether the Associated Press is complicit in biased reporting favoring Hezbollah and against Israel. They have allowed this fellow, "Green Helmet," to stage manage the display of Israeli bombing "victims" in two wars a decade apart. You have seen him in Time, US News & World Report, on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle, and in just about all the major new media that slurp up such sloppy journalism.

What you don't see are the follow-up stories that show how all of these major media players were fooled. Their sloppiness in providing accurate and unbiased reporting, their prime reason for existence, shows they have no regard for professionalism or their reputations. They have less virtue than prostitutes, because at least the prostitute delivers what the customer expects.

I wonder what Green Helmet does between wars? Probably works for CBS Quality Control.

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