Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I Told You So - Liberal Flameout At Plamegate

Please allow me to be the first of the second million of conservative bloggers and commentators to say “I told you so” about Plamegate. I had a feeling Plamegate would flame out when I saw the mighty array of Main Stream Media who filed a “friends of the court brief” that no law had been broken to keep Judith Miller out of prison, then showed up waving pitchforks, screaming “treason,” and were all fired up to roast Karl Rove and Dick Cheney.

The MSM did not come away totally empty handed from this long-running liberal farce. They showed the staying power of a porn star trying to finish a week’s worth of filming in a day, by repeating over and over that the Bush administration was exacting revenge on Joe Wilson because he exposed their lies about Iraq trying to purchase “yellow cake” uranium in Nigeria. In fact, the MSM clung to this story line even though as early as 2004 – that’s 2004, like two flaming years ago - it was well known that the Senate Intelligence Committee and a British intelligence review determined that Wilson lied, and that President Bush had good reason to say what he did. (For a succinct recapitulation of the salient facts, see FactCheck.Org)

In fact, the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that Joseph Wilson’s report actually supported President Bush’s statements, and discredited what Wilson himself said about his own report.

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Where the CIA hid Valerie in "Plame" sight!

“Disbelievably,’ faced with piles of evidence to the contrary, so voluminous that even former Clinton national security adviser Sandy Berger couldn’t have concealed it in his commodious pants, the MSM continues to portray Wilson as a martyr for truth, and Plame as a modern-day Mata Hari – who just happened to be spying from the deep cover afforded by a desk job in CIA Headquarters, Langley, Virginia. What better way to hide a spy than in plain sight, marching to work each day down the hallowed halls of the George Bush Center for Intelligence? No foreign spy service could conceive of the United States being so stupid. Brilliant!

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Where Valerie Plame got to strut her stuff, covertly of course

Etched into the wall of the original building's main lobby is a biblical verse which also characterizes the intelligence mission in a free society. It reads:

""And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.""

Who knew that biblical verse writers were so into irony?

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