Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some Unsolicited Advice to Israel – attack! Attack! ATTACK!

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It is understandable that you, Israel, should feel bad about accidentally killing some Lebanese “civilians,” because you did exactly what Hezbollah wanted you to do. You may have noticed that Hezbollah targets Israeli civilians, doesn’t wear uniforms, hides its forces and armaments among civilians, and conducts its attacks from houses and buildings in cities. In other words, Hezbollah wants civilians to die – Israeli civilians from Hezbollah rocket attacks, and Lebanese civilians from Israeli retaliatory strikes. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Terror is all they do. (Go to Mark Steyn for more)

As a terrorist organization, they don’t fight by the rules of warfare. All the Geneva Convention articles that bind civilized nations and establish codes of conduct for war don’t apply to them, and you will never catch them following the rules. In fact, what you will find Hezbollah doing is exploiting every standard of civilized conduct to their advantage to attack you.

They attack civilians, hide amongst civilians, and bask in the adulation of the Muslim “street.” Allah is easy to please, and very forgiving of bloodshed. At any point in time Muslims will be killing other Muslims and vice versa, and all in the name of and with the blessing of Allah. When you, Israel, or the United States start killing Muslims too, the Muslims experience a happiness trifecta. First, one Muslim sect is happy that other, sincerely detested Muslims are being killed. The Muslims being killed are happy – they get to be martyrs to jihad, get their 72 virgins, and get to take leave of the miserable lives on Earth that Allah so generously provides for His followers. Finally, all Muslims all over are happy, because they can do the thing that gives them the most pleasure – hate Jews and Americans.

Now the world wants you to agree to a cease fire with terrorists. In all sincerity, how in Hell do you have an agreement with terrorists? What do diplomats smoke, why do they always chose hope over experience? Hezbollah has been and is attacking with rockets and other armaments in violation and defiance of existing United Nations resolutions and Geneva Convention standards for the conduct of warfare. Hezbollah is being bankrolled and supplied by Iran and Syria, who are members of the United Nations and signatories to the Geneva Convention, again clearly violating international resolutions and standards.

It should be obvious, even to diplomats who have taken all leave of common sense, that this proposed cease fire works against Israel and in favor of Hezbollah, Hamas, Iran, and Syria. All who attack Israel live to be reequipped and reorganized to fight another day, and Israel is left to dread a future filled with more rocket barrages on its cities, more cease fires, and more rockets, and ....

If Israel agrees to a cease fire, the Muslim world won’t reduce its hatred. Israel was hated before the attacks. Israel was hated during the attacks. And Israel will be hated long after a cease fire comes and goes. There is only one thing Israel could do to make Muslims happy – commit suicide. And suicide is what Israel will be committing if Israel agrees to sign on to these serial cease fires. Iran’s Ahmadinejad has consistently called for only one thing, the destruction of Israel. Hamas and Hezbollah have done the same.

That is all the world is promising Israel, an opportunity to watch its rabid enemies prepare their next rounds of attacks.

Israel will know peace only when they have won the hearts and minds of their enemies. Their hearts will be still, their minds at eternal rest.

The only rational path for Israel to take is to attack! Attack! ATTACK!

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