Monday, September 10, 2007

Rush to Judgment - Democrats Prejudge Gen. Petraeus

To prejudge an issue is to judge beforehand, especially without sufficient evidence. Those who prejudge issues are rightfully called prejudiced.

Once again, the Left has rushed to judgment, exposing their prejudices.

In the case before us, their prejudice is against allowing a clear, open discussion of the current situation in Iraq.

Before General Petraeus had an opportunity to make a statement, or answer a question about Iraq, ran a full-page ad in the New York Times condemning him as General “Betray Us.”

Their outrageous statements about General Petraeus before he even said a word makes me wonder what they could possibly add to their commentary after he testifies.

(In the interest of attaining and maintaining the highest of journalistic standards, as epitomized by CBS News, all the quotes in this post were made up by me. Following in the tradition of Dan Rather, my quotes, although complete fabrications, conquer the peaks of truthiness that can’t be climbed by mere factual quotes. As Dan Rather might say: “They may be false, but they illustrate an essence of truth that real ones can’t.”) “We agree with what we already said about General ‘Betray Us’ before he answered any questions, and none of his blatant lies changed our minds.”

Question to “You already accused him of lying before he said anything. Doesn’t that mean you prejudged him? That you’re prejudiced?” “That’s the stupidest question we have ever heard. Don’t you
know that by definition it is impossible for any Leftist to be prejudiced? What hole did you just crawl out of?”

The Democrats, who don’t believe in preemptive strikes against organizations preparing to attack the United States, are not above mounting a preemptive strike against anyone they suspect may say something they don’t want to hear.

Democrat spokesperson: General Petraeus, isn’t it true that you falsely testified tomorrow that we haven’t already lost the Iraq war? Democrats know that no one should believe anything you ever said or will say, because you work for President Bush.

Democrat spokesperson: And that includes all you lying military bastards! It wasn’t so long ago that you had President Clinton, Vice-President Gore, Senators Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and almost all of the top Democrat leaders falsely convinced that Iraq had WMD.

Democrats won’t let you get away with that crap again.

General Petraeus: Please allow me a point of clarification. It was the CIA under President Clinton, and the intelligence services of the United Kingdom, France, and many others, plus the United Nations, that thought Iraq had WMD. In fact, they were so sure of it they passed sanctions against Iraq, and threatened military action if the sanctions didn’t work.

Democrat spokesperson: General ‘Betray Us,’ (cough) er, General Petraeus, have you no shame? Now you’re trying to justify the lies you told tomorrow by perverting the history of the sacred rule of President Clinton. You must be another of those history perverts who ignore the hundreds of thousands of Rwandan Tutsis President Clinton saved from slaughter in 1994, or the courageous actions he took to prevent Al Qaeda bombings of our African embassies, the Khobar Towers, and the Cole.

All right-thinking peoples know that if President Clinton had his rightful third term through his surrogate Al Gore that you bastards stole, that 9/11 would never have happened.

Shame, shame, and double shame, General.

You should be ashamed serving in the military of the United States that our revered President Clinton so loathed.

When called upon, He honorably dodged the draft. Were you too stupid to do the same?

General Petraeus: No, I wasn’t drafted, I volunteered.

Democrat spokesman: We already knew you’re a liar, and now we know you’re a stupid one. So just shut up, resign, and drop dead, like a good soldier. The longer you talk, the more you delay the surrender.


Ms. Sheehan, did we forget anything?

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