Friday, November 02, 2007

Man Bites Dog - Media Reports Media Bias

A shocking breakthrough has been reported in media coverage of media bias. Of course, it has long been known that the main stream media is heavily biased towards Democrats and against Republicans.

That is an example of a "dog bites man" story.

What is rare is that the media acknowledges their bias. Even Harvard Finds The Media Biased, in the Investors Business Daily, November 1, 2007, provides us one of those "man bites dog" moments.

Researchers at Harvard, not noted as a bastion of conservative ideals, found that the media, in particular newspapers, reported very favorably on Democrats, and in their much lighter coverage of Republicans, very unfavorably. It does not come as a revelation that the newspapers, television, and National Public Radio, are heavily biased for Democrats and against Republicans.

However, it is nothing short of shocking to have objective researchers not only find that is the case, but then to actually report it.

And then the greatest shock of all, that the media would report the study results.

Of course, the media reporting the study results reflects the political biases of the media. I've googled the Harvard report, and the main stream media newspapers and TV are deathly silent about it.

The main stream media motto is still: "We report all the news that we see fit."

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