Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Spirit of Nick

Alice and I toured China for three weeks, and Nick was one of our several Chinese guides. After we toured a Buddhist pagoda, we got on the bus and Nick answered questions, some of which touched on Buddhism. Nick volunteered: “I celebrate all religious observances – Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim – I celebrate them all”

Muslims and Christians restoring the cross to the top of St. John's Church in Baghdad.

Nick went on to explain that he not only celebrates each of their holy days, he gets a special feeling of happiness and joy from each.

Then today this ecumenical moment photographed by Michael Yon popped up on several of my favorite blogs, e.g. Captain's Quarters.

To me it's "the spirit of Nick."

After all the years of Communism, Nick came up with a concept that is much richer and joyful than the one you get from any one religion.

In Baghdad, the feeling is the same.

Thanks, Nick.

In the spirit of ecumenicalism, the following is my photographic contribution, "China Dolls." Alice and her grandkids just look joyful.
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