Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quiz Answer Sheet

Polar bear question:
c. Both a. and b. are inconvenient trues if you are Al Gore

The rest of the quiz
1. d. The United States produces approximately 27% of world GDP

2. d. The total GDP of the next 5 largest - Japan, China, Germany, UK, and France – roughly equals the GDP of the United States.

3 c. The European Union has 27 member states.

4. a. United States

5. c. Unemployment in China is about 23%, or roughly the 300 million population of the United States, according to The Rand Corporation

6. a. United States (2007)
US 4.9% Germany 8.4% UK 5.4% France 8%

7. d. Only these three – 1. Luxembourg, $87,400 2. Ireland, $47,169 3. Norway, $47,098 4. United States, $44,765 (International Monetary Fund rankings)

8. d. 93 years: “The clearance of grassland releases 93 times the amount of greenhouse gas that would be saved by the fuel made annually on that land…”

9. d. All the above

10. c. Global cooling

11. d. All the above.

12. c. A team of Harvard and Smithsonian researchers

13. a. Changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide: In all preceding periods of climate change, such as the Medieval Warm Period researched by Harvard-Smithsonian scientists, increases in atmospheric CO2, whether natural or man-made, did not precede warming.

14. a. 1934

15. c. 6

16. d. Two feet: Average sea level rise per century of about two feet. It’s just simple math. Since the end of the last Ice Age about 18,000 years ago, sea levels have risen approximately 410 feet. Dividing 410 feet by 180 centuries equals about 2’ 3” rise per century.

17. d. 1850

18. d. AD 1850

19. c. About 1850 when graduated thermometers came into use

20. e. All the statements are true

21. d. b and c are correct

22. c. Both statements are true

23. d. Both statements are false

24. d. All the above

25. d. All the above

26. c. Al Gore has proof that global warming is caused by increased levels of atmospheric CO2.

27. d. All the above

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