Saturday, February 09, 2008

Abundantly Happy - Greens Mess Up Environment with Biofuels

Typical of the Green movement, biofuels are the latest disaster created by their ignorant but spirited crusade to save the world one misguided step at a time.

Previously their attempts resulted in the abominations of ethanol, wind farms, biofuels, and increased dependency on foreign oil.

These efforts to find “Green” energy replacements all require huge taxpayer subsidies and increased environmental damage when compared to the continued use of conventional fuels.

How have the Greens damaged the environment?

Let me count the ways.

Biofuels and ethanol – recently I blogged that producing fuel from plants has driven up prices, for example, corn tortillas in Mexico. Further, demand for agriculture has increased dramatically at a time when water supplies world wide are already stressed out. It goes without saying, but I will have to say it anyway because of the abundant environmental ignorance of the Green intelligentsia, that abundant crop production requires abundant fertilizer use, which necessitates abundant fertilizer production.

Fertilizer production requires abundant natural gas consumption, and abundant water use to apply it. Then after a rain, the abundant fertilizer creates abundant run-off which then causes abundant algae growth, quickly removing the abundance of oxygen in the water, followed by abundant dead fish.

Is all this abundantly clear?

Happily, there’s more. Long-overdue life cycle studies just published in the journal Science indicated that substantially more greenhouse gases result from biofuels production than from conventional fuels. In fact, one study indicated it takes 93 years before savings from biofuels equal the greenhouse gases created at the beginning of their production.

Doubly happy, as wasteful and damaging to the environment as biofuels are, recent studies show climate change corresponds directly to solar variation, and not at all to carbon dioxide changes. Today’s low solar activity indicates global cooling will start soon.

Oh happy day!

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