Sunday, February 17, 2008

Charles Barkley is an Authentic Idiot

I listened to Charles Barkley’s diatribe about conservatives being “fake Christians,” which included his announcement that he would run for the governor of Alabama in 2014, and am now advising him to not give up his day job.

Charles’ rant centered around conservatives being fake Christians because they don’t follow Biblical teaching to forgive your fellow man and help the poor. According to the highly judgmental Barkley, conservatives are too judgmental.

Of what, he doesn’t say, except that he is for gay marriage and freedom to choose concerning abortions.

I never knew there were so many conservative Blacks until I listened to Charles and he reminded me of the many blacks that oppose abortion. Even Rev. Jackson, back in 1977, called abortion “Black genocide” before he realized that would cost him White liberal votes and contributions, and this caused him to immediately trade his soul to stay on the good side of “Whitey.”

(Click on this link to go to the Black Genocide website)

Unlike the opportunistic Jesse Jackson, and the ignorant Charles Barkley, many principled Black leaders and “authentic” Black Christians oppose abortion, as do many Catholic Democrats.

A Zogby International poll found that 62 percent of Blacks said “abortion should never be legal or be legal only when the mother's life is in danger or in cases of rape and incest.”

Concerning gay marriage, 58 percent of Blacks say they would never vote for a candidate who was for gay marriage. Charles should also be aware that the percentage of Blacks opposed to gay marriage is even higher in the South. As ignorant as he has shown himself to be, he may not be aware of the positions and issues that are important to the people he fancies himself governing in six years.

Since 26 percent of Alabama’s five million citizens are Black, Charles should be aware that most of them disagree with him.

In fact, there are a lot of Black “conservatives” you’re going to have to explain yourself to when you start campaigning in Alabama, Mr. Barkley.

Since the only two issues you raised are sure losers in Alabama, I would be interested to find what positions you hold that you think are winners.

Since Alabama has voted Republican in presidential elections ever since their mistake of voting for Jimmy Carter in 1976, and now has a Republican governor, perhaps Mr. Barkley would find politics more to his liking in Massachusetts, or Berkeley, California.

I am loath to insult your intelligence by assuming your positions are as stupid as the ones you showcased on national television, Mr. Barkley, but apparently there is not much chance of insulting one’s intelligence if one does not have any.

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