Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Diplomacy with Islam is Dead

An op-ed article in the San Francisco Chronicle today brought the truth of United States-Muslim relations clear to me. There aren’t any.

Diplomatic relations not only do not exist between Muslims and the United States, they don’t exist between Muslims and anybody else, including other Muslims.

How can you negotiate an agreement with terrorists to not blow up innocent civilians with suicide bombers? What can you say to them, what agreements can you make on their demands? What can we stop doing that will stop them from blowing up innocent civilians?

Stop supporting Israel?

Is that why Muslims kill Hindus in India, because they support Israel?

Do Shia support Israel, and that’s why Sunni blow them up? And vice versa?

It’s a hard figure to pin down, but for every infidel killed by a Muslim, I think 100, or perhaps 1,000, Muslims are killed by Muslims.

If anyone could talk diplomacy with Muslims, wouldn’t you expect it would be other Muslims?

No one can talk diplomacy with Muslims, because their terrorist acts are commanded by Allah.

You know that.

Nothing happens that Allah doesn't will to happen.

Therefore, terrorists are carrying out the wishes of Allah, and will be rewarded by Allah.

But wait. Isn't Allah a God of peace, and compassion?

Would a God of peace and compassion direct his followers to slaughter innocent men, women, and children?

Most of whom are also his followers?

There is the answer as to why diplomacy doesn't and will not work with the Islamic terrorists.

They are a pack of fanatical, ignorant idiots.

No true God of peace and compassion, all powerful and all knowing, would cause and reward the slaughter of innocents. Therefore, the terrorists are acting without reason and cause. If there truly is a God worthy of worship, every Islamic suicide bomber and those who aid and direct them are on express tracks to Hell.

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