Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mixed Emotions - Hillary, Obama, and the Age of Miracles

A father felt mixed emotions when his teen-aged daughter came home at 10 PM, an hour before her curfew, reading the Gideon Bible.

Now that Hillary Clinton is kaput, I find myself with mixed emotions.

I’m overjoyed that Bill won’t get his third term. No amount of anything else can take the smile from my face knowing that the Clintons are through.

However, I’ll miss Hillary’s sky-high negatives, which I was highly confident would make her a loser against John McCain. I live in a radical leftist enclave, and they were more anti-Hillary than even right-winged Republicans, like yours truly. Their rallying cry was (and is): “Any Democrat but Hillary.” This was the only area I know of where the majority thought Dennis Kucinich was a viable candidate.

But now that Hillary’s gone, and the waves of relief keep washing over me, I’m worried about Obama. From what little anyone knows of him, he’s more of a radical socialist than Hillary. He says his positions are quite clear, so I checked them out.

He doesn’t like the way things are now, so he plans to make them different. He wants our healthcare to be more like the failing systems of Europe and Canada. Sort of a universal Medicare. I suppose it would be crass of me to point out that Medicare is already bankrupt, and due for total failure as Baby Boomers start joining in three years.

Medicare is cutting and has cut the reimbursement rates to doctors, which currently are 60 percent below commercial rates and dropping. Hospitals with many senior patients must reduce services to cut costs, resulting in denying medical care to seniors. Obama wants more of the same, thinking medical care is fair when all are equally miserable.

Obama says that whatever health care you have now won’t change, except it will cost less, and everyone will be covered. It’ll be just like in the United Kingdom, without the sky-high tax rates and the high-cost premiums the British pay for private coverage to get good health service and shorter waiting times.

In other words, expect a miracle!

Hallelujah, Obama in the highest!

All you need is hope.

And confidence that someone who has accomplished nothing can succeed where all others have failed.

Including Bill and Hillary, with the help of a Democrat-controlled House and Senate, in 1993.

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