Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Feminists are Clueless about Hillary

When I read in the Boston Globe that feminists are appalled that Hillary Clinton is being stomped by Obama, I realized how humorless and irony-challenged feminists are.

In the first instance, they bemoan how Obama’s charisma trumps Hillary’s accomplishments.

Borrowing shamelessly from an overflowing pile of clich├ęd responses, following the lead of Hillary and Obama, I say:

Hello? Since when is being married to Bill Clinton, and putting up with his philandering while he was governor and president, considered accomplishments? Especially by feminists.

Hillary, you weren’t elected governor, he was.

You weren’t elected president, he was.

If you weren’t his wife, you would never have been a senator, let alone from a state you never lived in, New York

What are your accomplishments, Hillary?

You had eight years while Bill was president, and almost eight years since, constantly in the public eye, and keeping it a secret from no one that you were running for president the whole time. Now you’re whining about having your butt kicked by another Democrat whose resume is almost as thin as yours?

But at least he gave a pretty speech at a convention. That’s something you haven’t done yet, given a pretty speech anywhere about anything.

No one will ever accuse you of employing soaring rhetoric.

Even when you swipe Obama’s programs and slogans.

Which he swiped from someone else.

Democrats love to share.

Between the two of you your accomplishments can politely be summarized as minuscule.

The only accomplishments either of you have are plans to spend a lot of taxpayers’ money for “universal” healthcare coverage, and neither of you has a believable plan to pay for it.

Repealing tax cuts for the rich seems to be your plan, but that’s your plan for all your government spending increases. However, you also plan to give tax relief to Democrats living in high-cost states like New York and California by eliminating the alternative minimum tax. Where are you going to get tax revenues to cover any of this?

Increase taxes on corporations?

Corporations just pass those costs on to individuals through their costs of goods sold. Then when the taxes hurt them competitively, they move to another state, or move their operations overseas where corporate tax rates are much lower.

In response to a question about what she would do to repair America’s international relations, Hillary responded that she would play the “Bill card,” and send her husband abroad to rebuild goodwill.

Way to assert yourself, Hillary.

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