Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Senate Cook Small-Fry Senator Craig

It is good that the Senate admonished Senator Craig for attempting hanky panky in a men’s toilet. However, I wait with little expectation of satisfaction for the Senate and House to reprimand former President Clinton for perjury. Which is worse, a clumsy attempt at a liaison, admitting guilt but trying to get special treatment, or repeated sexual acts with a subordinate in the White House, then repeatedly denying it, and lying under oath?

Obviously Senator Boxer and other prominent Democrat leaders find it easy to modulate their moral indignation on the basis of party affiliation.

Even though the Arkansas Bar Association suspended and fined him $25,000, and Clinton resigned from practicing before the Supreme Court rather than accepting certain disbarment, the United States Senate has never even so much as censured or admonished him for admitted criminal conduct.

I guess they have smaller fish to fry.

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