Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Sanctuaries - Lessons Taught by Turkey and Israel

Turkey was right in striking Kurdish rebels in Iraq, because Iraq was incapable of stopping them from attacking across the border in Turkey.

No sanctuary!

Israel is right in attacking terrorists in Gaza because Palestinians are incapable of preventing Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli citizens.

No sanctuary!

Israel is right to attack the areas the rockets are fired from, even if Hamas is launching from populated areas, using civilians as shields.

No sanctuary!

Israel is also right to embargo Gaza to prevent armaments going in, and suicide bombers coming out.

Israel attacked Hezbollah in Lebanon, and will have to do it again because Iran and Syria are rearming Hezbollah with rockets.

No sanctuary!

Columbia is right for killing rebels staging from Ecuador. Chavez is an idiot for thinking otherwise.

No sanctuaries!

Why is so hard for leftists to understand that it’s not OK for terrorists to attack with impunity from neighboring countries?

Even Obama seems to understand that's wrong, because he said we should attack Taliban in Pakistan if the Pakistanis won’t take care of the terrorists on its borders.

No sanctuary!

Sanctuaries can be built in many ways, for many reasons. During the Vietnam War, North Vietnam and Cambodia were sanctuaries for the Viet Cong and for North Vietnamese aggressors.

Why were they allowed sanctuary?

Because they were supported by the USSR and China, and we were afraid of escalating a regional war into an international one.

Obviously we hadn’t learned any lessons from the Korean War, where China (backed by the Soviet Union) provided sanctuary and prevented the military collapse of North Korea.

Sanctuaries exist all over. In the United Kingdom, France, and in most of Europe, Muslim communities give sanctuary to spewers of radicalism and hatred. Behavior is tolerated which normally would not be because the fear of abnormal violent reactions from Muslim communities causes authorities to look the other way.

This happens in America, too. When Danish and European publications struck a principled stand for freedom of the press and printed the Danish cartoons depicting Muhammad, the press of the United States took the coward’s way out and didn’t.

It is an abomination before our principles of press freedom that a nation that has no qualms about photos of a “Piss Christ” or a “Madonna Framed in Elephant Dung and Vulvas” cannot publish cartoons which are identifiable as Muhammad only by their captions.

The sanctuaries we gave Muslims are just like the ones of the Viet Cong and North Koreans – they exist because we were afraid to take them away.

Our fears license more sanctuaries, as they betray our principles.

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