Monday, February 11, 2008

Four Little Words to Energize Republicans

Once again the media is beating the drums that Republicans are dispirited and lack energy.

Sort of like Hillary Clinton supporters without the sour look.

Well I know the magic that will immediately energize Republicans, and it is just four simple words. You don’t need toe of newt or eye of bat, or a virgin’s kiss or a sorcerer’s hat.

At second thought, a virgin’s kiss never hurts, but it’s not essential.

Good thing it's not essential, given its short supply.

Just four little words:

Aging Supreme Court Justices.

There are five of them over 70, and a couple of them look like they are already on life support.

If one or more of them start to fail before President Bush completes his term in office, it’ll be Terri Schiavo all over again, only this time the Democrats won’t pull the plug.

Post Script:

Rush just came up with three little words that will unify and energize Republicans even more than "Aging Supreme Court Justices":

"Democrats Nominate Hillary."

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