Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Francisco Mayor Newsom – I Finked on You to Drudge!

The story is simple and tragic. San Francisco, following its sanctuary policy, did not alert immigration officials of felony convictions of “juvenile” illegal immigrants in order to prevent their being deported and barred re-entry for life.
(This photo illustrates Mayor Newsom answering "Who, me?" and trying to blame the problem on the courts when asked about why his administration spent taxpayer money to illegally fly convicted "juvenile" crack dealers back to Honduras instead of alerting immigration authorities as required by law - and not by San Francisco's sanctuary policy.)

One of the illegal immigrant felons, twice convicted but shielded by San Francisco’s sanctuary policy, used an illegal AK-47 assault weapon to violently murder a father and his two sons in a senseless and unprovoked road-rage attack on a San Francisco street.

At fault were San Francisco Juvenile Justice Department officials who have used their limited brain power and complete lack of common sense to do everything they could think of to defy immigration law.

Dumb No. One was flying convicted “juvenile” crack dealers to
their homeland, Honduras, instead of referring them to immigration authorities for deportation as legally required. With no federal record of felony convictions, the Honduran drug cartels would have their hardened and experienced youthful-appearing crack dealers back on the job faster than you could say “dumb Democrats doing dastardly deeds.”

Dumb No. Two, after being caught doing Dumb No. One, was putting the “hardened and experienced youthful-appearing crack dealers” in unlocked group homes in Southern California at a cost to taxpayers of $7,000 per “hardened and experienced youthful-appearing crack dealers” per month.

The “hardened and experienced youthful-appearing crack dealers,” although uneducated, were not as dumb as the San Francisco officials who sent them to the group homes, and wasted no time in escaping and getting back to dealing crack.

Still with no record of felony convictions that would trigger actions to remove them permanently from plying their illegal trade.

What with "Dumb," and then "Double Dumb" to the credit of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and his benighted Board of "Stupidvisors" (as they are called by anyone who has studied them in action), I waited expectantly for Drudge to link to this embarassing liberal mess, and give national exposure to the tragedy of the triple killing that Newsom's administration aided and abetted.

Days passed and no link by Drudge, so last night I used the "send news tips to Drudge (anonymity guaranteed)" block at the bottom right of his page to send him a brief summary and a link to my blog post - hoping against hope it would get his attention and that he would link to my bombastic post on the issue. That would have really lit up Blogger!

Of course he didn't link to my post, but this morning I found this link on Drudge: Killings turn focus on San Francisco sanctuary law...

Now the rest of California know what Northern Californians are already aware of about the serial philanderer and buck-passer who thinks he can be California's next governor.

It's fitting that Gavin Newsom's political future has been torpedoed by his city's idiot sanctuary law. It's just an awful pity that three honest, innocent citizens had to meet violent and senseless deaths to focus attention on the monumental stupidity of the city government of San Francisco.

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