Friday, December 19, 2008

More Joe Biden Dumb Remarks - on Stephanopoulos

George Stephanopoulos got an exclusive interview with Joe Biden, apparently the first since Biden became the vice president-elect. In it Biden said the economy may "absolutely tank," which immediately raised the question: How did Joe get away from his minders? I'm sure the heads of the Democrats responsible for keeping Biden under control, although I'm sure they thought it was safe to have him on Democrat sycophant George Stephanopoulos' show (George's Bottom Line).

However, George was too dumb to know how stupid Biden's remark was, and so it got out of Joe's communications Black Hole.

I dropped the following comment on George's website, but since it was about the 1,000th comment, I decided to blog it so at least a few people get a chance to read it.

The same bunch that dug this hole are now going to dig us out of it? In California Democrats propose raising taxes to save us. Of course, that's the ticket to prosperity - taxing ourselves to get there, and having the government pick the winners of the economy lottery. I'm sure we'll get brilliant choices, like brain-dead proposals for hydrogen-fueled cars (it takes more power from conventional fuels to produce than burning the hydrogen produces), and ethanol and other bio-fuels that raise food prices while causing land to be cleared, releasing CO2 into the atmosphere that will take 93 years of reductions to reclaim. How about solar arrays and wind farms in pristine desert areas? Tell Robert Redford that while he's protesting oil drilling in Utah, there's thousands of times more acres in other pristine areas that will be desecrated to produce unreliable and expensive power. Joe Biden's stupid remarks are just one of many illustrations of why Congress' approval ratings are much lower than President Bush's. And we're stuck with these clowns after President Bush is gone.

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