Friday, December 19, 2008

More Proof of Global Warming

As Al Gore and his Acolytes report, any unusual weather is proof of man-caused global warming.

This year, and particularly right now in the United States, we are getting proof up to our hub caps, and beyond. After a year of unseasonably cold weather worldwide, with many record new low temperatures set, the American midwest followed by the northeast are being battered by heavy snow and cold.

The cheery forecast for Christmas? "It looks as if this parade of storm systems will continue through much of the holiday week."

Not to take any wind from the sails of global warming alarmists, but have you noticed how it is much more diffucult to cope with cold than with warm?

Only a thousand years ago, during the Medieval Warm Period, there was a long period when people thrived with average temperatures up to seven degrees F. higher than today.

Just over two hundred years ago, during our Revolutionary War, the world was a lot colder, and right now we're in the long cycle of warming that always comes after a cold period.

And we're on just about to start the next, inevitable, cold period.

When it happens, and it in all certainty will, mankind will wish that they could cause global warming.

And then mankind will adapt, just as the earth has adapted through all the hundreds, even the thousands, probably the millions of periods of natural climate change.

In a universe where change is the only constant, why should climate be different?

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