Monday, January 31, 2011

An Interview with President Obama and Senator Obama on the Individual Mandate

(My particular hero is Al Gore. I especially admire his ability to channel past events in a way that supports his current postions. I remember how we raptly listened as he told us how his mother used to sing "Look for the union label" to him when he was a boy - or at least a very youthful 27-year old. Now we find another has come along who shares Al's trait. The following is an interview I channeled with the new practitioner of the Gore art, drawn from the news of the day.)

President Obama, federal judge Roger Vinson said in his ruling that the individual mandate was unconstitutional, and compared it to congress compelling all Americans to eat broccoli (click here for this news item). A White House official speaking for you said that sort of “surpassingly curious reading” called into question Judge Vinson‘s entire ruling, and added “There’s something thoroughly odd and unconventional about (his) analysis.”

Mr. President, since this is a health matter we wanted a second opinion, so we wondered what Senator Obama thought of the individual mandate proposed by Senator Clinton. Senator Obama told us (2008): “If a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness by mandating everybody to buy a house.”

Mr. President, wouldn’t it be healthier to make everybody eat broccoli instead of buying a house?

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Peter Foley said...

Its amazing the same clowns that couldn't read the 1700 pages of the Obama-care scheme, got through the the 78 pages of the Vinson's ruling in a few hours.

Will Obama mandate that all members of the USA militia(males between 18 and 45 not in the armed forces) purchase a firearm?