Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Solution Seeking a Problem

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.”

Blood was still flowing as Democrats turned their faces northward and raved, “Sarah Palin pulled this trigger!” Then, as passions cooled, Democrats seized the opportunity this serious crisis presented: It’s right-wing rhetoric, it’s Rush Limbaugh, it’s Fox News, &etc. At Cal Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau claims it’s discrimination against undocumented immigrants. In the UK it’s “climate-change skeptics!” Here in Gualala Democrat leader Kenny Jowers blames Conservatives.

To the Left, the solution to “The Problem” was obvious: “Shut up the Right Wing.”

But what was “The Problem”?

Obviously, when right wingers are critical of the Left they incite others to violence, even if the others aren’t right wingers, and even if they are unaware of what the Right is saying.

Was Loughner a Tea Party supporter? Some former classmates remember him as being ‘Left-wing’ and ‘liberal’.

Has any evidence been produced that Loughner was even aware of Sarah Palin’s website, or of anything she said? No.

When you Google “Bush Hitler” how many websites are linked? 55,200.

How many innocents were gunned down when ultra-liberal Democrat Markos Moulitsas (aka Kos) said he put a “bull’s eye” on Gabrielle Giffords and other “Blue Dog” Democrats for selling out progressive principles? (following Democrat reasoning, 20) Or the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee website which featured targets on a map and still instructs Democrats to “Click on a red bullseye to view a Republican targeted for opposing economic recovery.” (following Democrat reasoning, it’s just a matter of time) Unlike Palin’s map, which targeted districts, the DCCC and Kos maps targeted INDIVIDUALS.

Apparently Democrats don’t need gyms for exercise. They get theirs jumping to conclusions.

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