Sunday, November 13, 2005

Bush Derangement Syndrome

Dr. Sanity analyzes Bush Derangement Syndrome: "After 9/11, in many cases, even a mild dislike of "W" rapidly morphed into the ferocious Bush hatred we are now all familiar with. The opposition to a conservative Republican; and reasonable disagreement with his policies became a swooning hysteria; and an unmitigated, deranged hatred with all the accompanying paranoid delusions."

See what else Dr. Sanity has to say. Then think about it every time a liberal blames everything wrong in the world on what Bush did, or what Bush didn't do, or blames Bush for things that happened even before he became President. No lie. Yesterday a liberal told me Bush was responsible for Clinton and Gore accusing Saddam of having WMD! Then she followed it up by noting that Bush had not been elected president in 2004. Let's see -- delusional, in denial, anger displacement, disproportionate anger -- all the classic symptoms of Bush Derangement Syndrome. And she's a carrier! Facts and logic have no effect on her.

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