Thursday, November 10, 2005

Democrats Still Counting, Still Losing


Sunday, November 11, was a night to remember, when the results of the latest exhaustive recount of the Florida election were released showing that President Bush won regardless of Supreme Court intervention. Immediately liberal Democrats launched into a frenzy of spin and rationalization. They argued that "overvoting," which to my knowledge is not counted in any election, and specifically not in Florida elections, should have been counted, giving Al Gore at best a resounding 171 vote margin.

In other news, a recent poll showed that two out of three Americans would now vote for President Bush over Al Gore, including half the Democrats. Another recent poll reported that nine of ten Americans prefer President Bush over Bill Clinton, and Gallup polls show President Bush has sustained an approximately 90 percent approval rating longer than any previous president. Since all of these studies and polls were released before the collapse of the Taliban, I am confident that President Bush will continue to do well in subsequent polls.

Incidentally, reference the ICO Editorial "Rough Justice," I do not understand why the justice system which is good enough for the American military (and was used by FDR in WW II) is not good enough for terrorists. I was subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice for over twenty-one years (1962-1984), and I do not recall any bleeding-heart liberals protesting that I was subject to a "Kafka-esque scenario" in a nation blind to injustice. As for the details of military justice procedure which were stated in the ICO editorial, in the military trials I served on, the accused did confront his accuser and did see the evidence against him, right here in the United States of America (and overseas), Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and birthplace of the Bill of Rights.

Let’s roll!

At the same time, the results of voting in the People's Banana Republic of San Francisco were sort of released, after almost a week of delay due to the incompetence that is a traditional part of San Francisco elections. I wonder when liberal Democrats will realize and admit that Illinois had a higher percentage of spoiled ballots in the 2000 election, and that San Francisco elections should be supervised by Jimmy Carter and his group.

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