Thursday, November 10, 2005


( provided a service on its website to make it easy to send letters to the editor. I and many conservatives are using's website to participate in their letters to editors campaign. In fact, it was so well publicized in conservative blogs, that we probably represented a large percentage of their total activity.The following is the form letter I posted using the addresses and template. Their tracking system showed I was the first and only person to use their system to send a letter to many of the smaller newspapers. Mine was the first and apparently only letter from their system to the ICO. 175+ went to the San Francisco Chronicle, and 30+ to the Press Democrat.)

I am following the talking points in the website to write this letter. We need to stay the course in Iraq. World terrorism is pouring its resources into the fight, which consist largely of misguided fools willing to die for a lost cause. The Iraqi insurgents and their supporters are outnumbered a thousand to one by Iraqis who want to get on with their lives and experience liberty and freedom.

I have departed from the talking points suggested by, which consist of baseless assumptions that Iraqis support the insurgents who are primarily targeting them. ends its talking points that training of Iraqi forces be turned over to the international community - which is not interested or capable of doing any such training. says the Bush policy is out of touch with reality, while proving that they are totally reality challenged.

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