Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's The Principle That Counts - More Muhammad

Some cartoons are published in a small Danish newspaper in September, and about five months later, all Hell breaks loose and how many are killed? 45? 65? 100? The Danish Cartoon Death Toll is hard to pin down, but one death because Muslims have selective outrage is one too many. (Update: With the ongoing carnage in Nigeria, the Danish Cartoon Death Toll worldwide is at least 200 and is probably still rising.)

Muslims are blowing up mosques all over Iraq, and Muslims worldwide are not outraged.

If, on one hand, they demand respect for their "religion of peace" by beheading anyone who offends them in any way -- doesn't it seem that they would be really angry with anyone who destroys a mosque?

Not long ago peace-loving Muslims killed many other Muslims when Newsweek published an erroneous report of Quran desecration. If Muslims burn and blow up mosques, it seems logical that the Qurans therein would be burned and blown up too. In other words, Quran desecration to the max!

I guess when Muslims are not beheading cartoonists, performing "honor killings" of women raped by their brothers-in-law, blowing up innocent women and children (and men too) in Bali, Morocco, London, Madrid, Beslan, raping and murdering their way through Darfur, etc., they are pretty peace loving -- and they will kill anyone who says otherwise.

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