Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Porky Pig is PO'd

Of all I have have seen and read about the Mohammad cartoons, this cartoon sums it up perfectly. Muslims are trying to plant a culture in the West that is totally alien to the customs and beliefs of the host cultures. In the United Kingdom, literature that has been cherished and beloved of British children for generations has been removed from classroom shelves because drawings and pictures of pigs on the covers offend Muslims.

If you think about it for a moment, doesn't it seem odd for a major religion to make a simple pig into a satanic totem? To me, that suggests an incredibly simplistic and primitive religion, and as its adherents kill each other and "infidels" over the cartoons, it is impossible for me to give them the respect they say is their right. To me, their actions define who they are, and they are fools.

If you are a Muslim, and object to being called a fool, then make them stop the foolishness. I won't respect you if you keep your mouth shut, and I don't care if I offend you when you support terrorists. That is as offensive as Hell to me!

As P-P-P-Porky P-P-P-Pig might say, "You people are making me really pi-pi-pi...... you're making me mad!"

(The caption of the cartoon, courtesy Cox & Forkum, is "Toonophobia. An irrational fear of blasphemous line drawings.)

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