Saturday, February 25, 2006

Prepare To Be Offended

Our very sensitive and "responsible" journalists will not publish the Danish cartoons because they would be offensive to Muslim sensibilities. However, not wanting to offend other religions, for example, Christianity, does not seem to carry much weight. These are two "works of art" that have been published widely and frequently in the United States, most notably by the New York Times. The top picture is the "Piss Christ", a crucifix photographed in urine. The bottom one is "The Holy Virgin Mary" featuring pornographic images and elephant dung.

Some day Muslims will become part of civilized society. A landmark moment will be when Muslims can be offended by a "Piss Mohammad" or an "Elephant Dung Mohammad," and decide that protesting the offense does not require beheading anyone, or burning down the embassy of the offending artist's nation. I don't think Muslims have yet grasped the concept that, unlike in their countries, people in the Western world do things without gaining government approval first. It's called freedom, a concept we take so much for granted that we have a hard time explaining to Muslims that the Danish government is not responsible for each cartoon run in Danish newspapers. The Danish government cannot censor the newspapers. The Danish government cannot fire the editors and artists. In other words, the Danish government cannot do what the governments of Muslim nations can. Muslims think this is a serious flaw. What is the use of having a government if it cannot make its people do what Allah wishes? And Allah wishes not to be offended.

They seem to have gotten through to some of our "journalists." Apparently some of them are now convinced that not giving religious offense depends on whether the religion offended sponsors suicide terrorists defending the honor of "peace loving" Islam. If you are not willing to kill yourself to protest cartoons, prepare to be offended. If you are, prepare to be pandered to.

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