Sunday, May 21, 2006

Alice's Project Completed!

(Please click on the photos to enlarge. These photos show the beams of the sunroom being placed by a huge crane extended over our house, Alice and her daughters and grandkids on the deck, and in the pool in the sunroom.)

For almost a year, Alice worked tirelessly to add the new deck and sunroom with swim-in-place pool to our house.

The deck was designed by Ralph Matheson, engineered by Kurt Menning, and the iron work by Kentucky John.

The sunroom was provided by Dave and Darla Paoli of Fort Bragg, Lindal Cedar Sunrooms, and the pool by Endless Pool.

Alice served as the master contractor, hiring Greg Chamberlin, Joseph Arthurs, and Jose Luna for construction, Mike Nelson for the electrical, Dave Hall for the plumbing, Charles Hunnicutt for the tile work, Home Depot the indoor-outdoor carpeting, and Darren Maahs for the painting.

The deck was completed first, with Greg, Joe, and Jose doing most of the work, Bobby Baker the excavation, Scott Ignacio and the Spa Guys installing the hot tub, concrete from Bed Rock, and crane work by Leighton Nelsen.

Alice's daughters and their families were here for Mothers' Day, and thoroughly enjoyed the pool and hot tub - plus beach walks and kite flying. Buddy's little sister, Duchess, ran into the sunroom and jumped on the bubble cover, apparently thinking it was a solid floor, and had the honor of the first doggy swim in the pool. Buddy doesn't seem interested in diving in, just like he avoids getting wet in the ocean. He and I haven't been in the pool yet. We're happy with our morning two to three mile jogs.

Next project, adding stone facing to the driveway retaining wall.

Plus Alice is anxiously waiting for me to design and install one of the most prodigious drip systems ever seen, second only to the ones I put in on our ranch in Livermore fifteen years ago.
The most fun part of the project will be putting a drip system in the sunroom itself, where Alice and her landscaper, Kathy Bienhof, have already planted a jungle in pots.

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