Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Ann Coulter Gives Good Column

How can you be forgiven taxes you haven’t paid for two years? And qualify for the earned income tax credit at the same time? Plus be part of an affirmative action program for admittance to U.S. colleges with lower grades and scores than American citizens? In addition, get to pay the in-state tuition rate, while American service members stationed on orders by their government outside of their home state have to pay the out-of-state rate? How can you be forgiven the commission of the felony identity theft for stealing a Social Security number? And, of course, become instantly qualified for all sorts of government benefits?

If you haven’t already figured out the answers to the above questions, please go to Ann Coulter’s column Se Puede Get Two Years Tax-Free! at Human Events Online. Even if you have figured out the mystery, please check out her column anyway. Ann Coulter always gives good column.

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