Saturday, February 10, 2007

Global Warming Consensus is not Science

And Gee whiz. Yesterday 2500 scientists from all over the world said global warming is advancing more quickly than expected and guess what...there's a 90% probability man has caused it.

The above was a reply to a comment I posted on a Forum that a Harvard study of over 200 climate studies had determined that the 20th Century was not the warmest period of the past 1000 years.

Then I penned (actually I keyboarded) the following reply to her reply:

Consensus is not science. Almost all scientists used to think the earth was flat. The consensus didn't believe in any changes until some madman single handedly invented something to bring on the next great advance in science.

"They all laughed at Christopher Columbus,
When he said the world was round.
They all laughed when Edison recorded sound.
They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother,
When they said that man could fly.
They told Marconi wireless was a phony,
It's the same old cry"

Except this time, global warming skeptics have science firmly on their side.

In the beginning I began this Forum topic with a simple statement of facts that have not been refuted at any point in over 100 comments. During the course of this discussion, Liberals centered most of their assessments on personalities, not science, while my points were displayed for all to discuss and refute, and were steadfastly avoided by the Left.

Once again, the heart of this discussion is that Global Warming has been debunked because it is not now warmer than in earlier interglacial periods when the temperatures were warmer, the sea was higher, there was little or no sea ice, and the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide was much higher and followed, not led, the increased warming.

All of this is totally documented and demonstrated through scientific research conducted by a broad array of disciplines. As an example, a Harvard review - that's Harvard, not Major Mike, that did the review - arrived at the following summary of their study:

A review of more than 200 climate studies led by researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics has determined that the 20th century is neither the warmest century nor the century with the most extreme weather of the past 1000 years. The review also confirmed that the Medieval Warm Period of 800 to 1300 A.D. and the Little Ice Age of 1300 to 1900 A.D. were worldwide phenomena not limited to the European and North American continents. While 20th century temperatures are much higher than in the Little Ice Age period, many parts of the world show the medieval warmth to be greater than that of the 20th century.

How 'bout dat?

"20th century is neither the warmest nor the century with the most extreme weather of the past 1000 years."

Don't that take the rag off'n the bush?

But there is more. Go to my links below, and then browse. The peer reviewed science is there, thick as Al Gore's head. It is the science of research, not the science of consensus.
Global Warming – A Stroll Through the European Countryside

I titled this discussion I instigated (modestly), “Global Warming Totally Debunked,” and made the Harvard study of 240 climate studies its centerpiece. As I wrote below:"If you have been one of several fortunate visitors to “Strong As An Ox etc.,” you will remember that my post leans heavily on a study from Harvard: "20th Century Climate Not So Hot"

What Liberal can accuse Harvard of being a shill of Republicans?

Unfortunately, the Left thinks that by me bringing up this science, it somehow makes it mine and not Harvard's. That makes as much sense as giving CBS credit for winning the Super Bowl, or the paperboy for the mayor of San Francisco screwing his subordinate, the wife of his best friend and closest advisor (I just threw that in, because now that Mayor Newsom has done the "blame alcohol" excuse, who knows who or what else he may blame. After all, he is a San Francisco Liberal.)

And the Left, as usual, is blaming mankind for something Nature has been doing for millions of years.

Tell me, people of the Left, are you truly ignorant of the climate extremes the Earth has experienced even before man first learned to destroy the planet by burning a mastodon burger over an open flame?

Don't you know North America was partially covered by thick sheets of ice when the first immigrants worked their way across from Asia? Do you think those simple hunter-gatherers did something to heat the place up and get rid of the ice?

No, Nature did it without any help from man, and nothing man is now doing, or not doing, is going to change the current warming trend. Or the glacial period or global cooling which even now is beginning its remorseless, natural return cycle.

Button up your overcoat,
When the wind blows free,
Take good care of yourself,
Before your butt freezes thoroughly.

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