Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Global Warming Is Unprecedented Since The Last Time It Happened

My nomination for the most misused and abused word of the global warming era is “unprecedented." At first glance, unprecedented seems a very clear and straightforward word, i.e., "Unprecedented - Having no precedent; having no previous example.” However, now that the "global warming is man made" alarmists have made it part of almost every statement they make about global warming, the abuse of its meaning is rampant.

Of course, they could correctly state that man-made global warming is unprecedented. None of the hundreds of earlier periods of global warming were man made, and the current one seems no exception.

What isn’t unprecedented is the current natural global warming. It has happened at least 600 times before.

Maybe the man-made global warmists should come up with a new phrase combining unprecedented with a time limit. “This global warming is unprecedented since the Medieval Warm Period ended about 1300 AD.”

“The rate of temperature increase is unprecedented since 1819-1828.”

“We haven’t had an unprecedented warm period like this since it was warmer in 1930-1940.”

The problem would be that unprecedented would also have to be limited by the type of observations made.

"The increased surface temperatures recorded only at weather stations located in or near urban heat islands is unprecedented."

"The differences in surface temperature records showing a rapid rise, and the weather satellite records showing no significant increase, are unprecedented."

"The differences in the measured sea level rise of six inches in the past century, the increase of four to twenty inches by 2100 forecasted by the United Nations IPCC, and the 20 feet rise prophesized by Al Gore are unprecedented."

"It is unprecedented to blame higher greenhouse gas concentrations for global warming, when in previous periods of global warming carbon dioxide increases followed, not preceded, the increased warmth."

"The fact that temperature fluctuations of the last 1000 years were in consonance with solar activity is not unprecedented, but crediting carbon dioxide for global warming during that period is, since the carbon dioxide levels were stable."

The fact that the Left is trying to use an issue, like "man-made" global warming to gain power over all the personal and economic activities of mankind is not unprecedented.

The fact that so many scientists have prostituted themselves to subscribe to science by consensus instead of critical research in order to get research grants is unprecedented (I hope).

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