Thursday, April 19, 2007

Imus Taken Out by Friendly Fire

I was shocked to see a Lefty taken down, until I realized that all the Lefties I heard comment on Imus’ remarks thought he was a Conservative. The cowboy gear and his love of country and western music threw them off.

Plus his audience is primarily Liberal white males, so disparaging remarks about young Black women didn’t ring any alarm bells.

Yep, Imus f’d up, was found guilty of “talking while looking like a Conservative.”

It didn’t take the Los Angeles Times long to sound the alarm, but by then the damage to Democrats had been done.

Democratic politicians lose a soapbox with Imus
His show gave many of them a way to reach a national audience of white males -- a crucial voting bloc. By Peter Wallsten, Times Staff WriterApril 13, 2007

“Damn it, we done done a friendly fire f-up!" (Many journalists were educated in our public school system and talk and write like this).

"We only do this to Conservatives,” are the words echoing in the halls of the Liberal national press – please excuse the redundancies: “Liberal press,” “national press”- just simply “press” would suffice. The press doesn’t do this to Liberals, only Conservatives, and right now the press is reviewing their labeling system to make sure they don’t take out another one of their guys.

They don’t have any on radio to spare.

Anyone remember the Left’s answer to Rush Limbaugh, Al What's-His-Face?

Franken got the most publicity in his career as the press agonized over why no one was listening to him and Air America, stillborn on March 31, 2004, still awaiting interment.

Franken has now left Air America, and still no one listens to it.

I think the way the press handles these kinds of issues was clearly demonstrated by their treatment of Senators Trent Lott (Rep-Miss) and Robert Byrd (Dem-WV).

When Lott made a remark at the 100th birthday party for Strom Thurmond that he supported Strom’s bid for the presidency over half a century before, Liberal outrage at Lott’s implied, not explicit, racist comment cost Lott his position as Senate Majority Leader. The facts that Lott was making the remarks jokingly to a Republican (Thurmond was a Democrat when he ran against Truman for his party’s nomination in 1948), and in a private setting (birthday party) not intended for a national audience, did not mitigate the Liberal outrage.

Robert Byrd, former Ku Klux Klansman, personal filibuster participant against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, leading light of the Democrats for over half a century, and the top Senate Democrat, mentioned “white niggers” twice on March 4, 2001 while being interviewed by Tony Snow on Fox News Sunday. Senator Byrd wasn’t forced to resign any of his Senate positions.

In fact, he received less criticism for his “nigger” remarks than non-politician commentator Ann Coulter did for saying “faggot” when discussing John Edwards.

So here is a white male, former KKK officer, opponent of the Civil Rights Act, who used demeaning racial words on national television, and he is given a free pass because he is a Democrat.

Then you have black males, rap stars, who can say anything demeaning or nasty they want about women of any race, and they continue to reap riches from their misogyny. One of them, Ludacris, not only demeans and insults women in almost every line of his “songs," like “Ho,” he also enjoys a special relationship with Obama, who piously announced he would never go back on Imus’ show.

There are no words adequate to describe the hypocrisy of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, so I’ll just mention a few: “Twana Brawley,” and “Heimietown.” ‘Nuff said?

I want Imus’ show back for one reason: to make a righteously indignant statement against hypocrisy.

Personally, I can’t stand shows like his (or Oprah’s, Howard Stern’s, or …and the list goes on and on) and I never listen to radio or watch TV any more (NFL football games don’t count, do they?). Life’s too short, and I’m a better judge of what are interesting and entertaining ways to occupy my time than the network dealers serving up their opiates to the masses.

Still I wish Imus well, because as a retired military officer I've heard that the greatest hurt comes from being taken out by “friendly fire.”

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