Thursday, September 18, 2008

Democrats Admit Knowing and Doing Nothing

Senator Harry Reid, Democrat, Nevada, just made his first and undoubtedly last truthful statement when he said that "no one knows what to do'' at the moment about the financial crisis. In contrast, Nancy Pelosi took the usual route when asked if Democrats were responsible for any part of the crisis and said “No.”

Reid’s “don’t know” and Pelosi’s “no” summarize the Democrats: in charge of both the House and the Senate for almost two years and still clueless.

If Harry and Nancy would look at House and Senate organizational structure, it would immediately be apparent that Democrats chair committees that are responsible for oversight and regulation of investment and banking activities. Looking at the leadership of the Democrats, it would also be obvious that they and their colleagues didn’t just become legislators, but have been around a long time. Even when Republicans were in charge, Democrats were minority leaders and members, serving on committees apparently with no knowledge of or responsibilities for their actions.

It’s kind of refreshing that Reid and Pelosi have decided to make a clean breast of the parts they played in the current financial crisis. By their own admissions, they know not what to do, nor even that they are responsible to do anything.

That’s about as close as you will ever come to getting clear and accurate statements from Democrats.

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